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Relate to the frustration with Omega watches of trying to name something new

Le 23 August 2014, 08:18 dans Humeurs 0

In choppy water it takes almost an hour to get to the island of Capri. I later learn that large rock has been a favorite getaway for over a thousand years in addition to being a great inspiration to artists, writers, and political minds. The Romans inhabited Capri long ago, themselves using it as a powerful resort spot for powerful people. Some of their ruins remain. Made of limestone, tricks with the light in the clear water serve to explain many of the names associated with places on the Island such as the famous Blue and Green Grottoes. Replica Omega Seamaster, a Swiss brand with a Greek name now chooses an Italian spot for their next adventure.

Among the people attending the event are Omega’s CEO, head of product development, and head of marketing - a trio of men that a legion of Omega fans would love to get a chance to chat with. Omega chose a curiously small venue to host an event for one of the world’s largest watch brands. Our intimate group makes it easy to forget that in addition to making a very healthy volume of high-end watches each year (with excellent quality to boot), Omega is that popular “moon watch” brand and official timekeeper of the Olympics. It is more than just a watch brand, it is the face of “professional timekeeping Replica Tag Heuer Formula 1” for many people. Here I am wondering if their brand ambassador George Clooney will be joining us.

Clooney doesn’t make it, but Buzz Aldrin does. At 80 years old, Buzz still talks a good game and later talks to us about his other passion — the oceans. A popular Omega personality, Buzz was one of the people wearing an Omega Speedmaster Professional watch in 1969 when he walked on the moon.

Talking about the “Planet Ocean” name, Omega’s head of marketing quips to me on how difficult it is these days to find names for watches. “Everything is taken! ” Omega got lucky with the name, but Replica Tag Heuer Monaco is hard to offer novel nomenclature to timepieces these days. I can relate to the frustration of trying to name something new and then discovering the name is already taken. This is especially true for a dive watch — a segment ripe with derivatives.

Want something even more customized all Omega watches clear to everyone that the service is offered

Le 23 August 2014, 08:16 dans Humeurs 0

From an artistic standpoint, one of my favorite watch and jewelry houses is Omega. I sat down with them and they shared with me details about a new program they have recently launched to help in getting that custom watch as easy a Replica Omega Speedmaster as possible. Not that Omega hasn't offered this before, it is simply that the new program aims to make it clear to everyone that the service is offered, as well as create a more streamlined system for getting it done.

The program is called "Art On the Dial" and it consists of a multi-step process that has you working with a Omega's designer to create a custom, absolutely unique, hand-made watch dial. Want something even more customized? Of course, they will do it, but the program is designed to work around a simple framework to make it less confusing for clients. The service isn't cheap - nor is it particularly fast - but it is reasonable and you'll get something cool in the end.

To get started, you just need to contact a Omega boutique near you - there are actually a lot of them around -to make an appointment to meet with their designer to get the process started. Once or twice a year you might get the chance to sit down with an enameler or micro-painter. These are the people who will actually do the work though, in most instances, you'll be meeting with an artist that Replica Tag Heuer Carrera with the enameler or the micro-painter.

The first step is choosing a case; there are currently four options and each comes only in 18k white gold. One is the 38mm wide women's case (Lady), and the other three are in the 42mm wide men's case (Midnight). From the men's cases you have the choice between a plain white gold case or two options with diamonds. Once the case has been chosen, next you pick out a movement. All the Replica Omega De Ville for these are going to be made by Omega. You can have a manually would movement, an automatic movement (with optional power reserve display), or a manually wound tourbillon movement. To keep the dials clean, they show just the hours and minutes. The hands are those slick-looking Omega ones featuring a polished finish on one side and a satin finish on the other (this is for legibility against the painted dials).

After you have chosen the case and movement, the real work begins: You must to decide what you want on the dial. Either you have a really specific idea, or Omega will quiz you about important events, symbols, and places in your life. You will also need to choose whether you want your dial to be done in enamel or as a miniature painting. There are other dial techniques, of course, but they are going to cost more and require more time - just look at the more artsy Omega pieces to realize what their people are capable of.